Liptov Cottages
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Welcome to our page Zruby Liptov - Liptov Cottages. We offer an accommodation in the traditional wooden cottages (log cabins) in Liptov region.

Cottages are located in Liptovský Ján and Magurka.

Cottage Nela - Liptovský Ján

The cottage is located near the village of Liptovský Ján in the Jánská dolina. The cottage can be heated with a fireplace or electrically. You can park by the cottage, which can be reached by road. In winter, however, we recommend winter chains or a 4x4 drive. Maximum capacity - 8 people (beds) + 2 people (couch)

Cottage Jakub - Magurka

The wooden log cabin is located in the Magurka cottage settlement, which belongs to the Partizánska Ľupča village. The cottage is approximately 20 minutes away by car from Partizánská Ľupča. There is also a road leading to the log cabin from Liptovská Osada via Liptovská Lužná and Železno, the distance is approx. 15 km. In winter, we recommend snow chains or a 4x4 drive.

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